HDFC Debit Card EMI From Flipkart/Amazon/Tata Cliq/Hp/Dell – HERE’S Everything You Need to Know Easy EMIs On Consumer Durables

HDFC Debit Card EMI From Flipkart/Amazon/Tata Cliq/Hp/Dell – HERE’S Everything You Need to Know Easy EMIs On Consumer Durables

Debit cards come with a lot of features and benefits including EMI facilities. To convert your transactions into easy installments, you can ask the mercantile to swipe the card in EMI exchange mode and select a tenure that suits you. The EMI facility helps you to pay back the amount without any pressure.

Now you can convert your purchase into EasyEMI on HDFC Bank Debit Card without blocking any money in the account.

Simply swipe your HDFC Bank Debit Card at any store and walk out with your purchase instantly.

EasyEMI on Debit Card also available on Amazon, Flipkart, and many other online sites.

Features & Benefits of HDFC Debit Card EMI

  • No money blocked in the account
  • No Cost EMI: No need to pay Extra on leading brands
  • A convenience or processing fee of Rs.199 +GST will be charged.
  • Flexible Repayment Tenure: Choose a tenure according to your needs, from 3 months to 24 months, with our pocket-friendly repayment options.
  • Instant Approvals & Disbursal: Cut the waiting period and processing time — get funds instantly!
  • No documentation.
  • No Down Payment: Get 100% finance to buy the products and services you need

HDFC Debit Card EMI’s Eligibility Criteria

To check your exclusive pre-approved limit on your HDFC Bank Debit Card CLICK HERE

Check loan eligibility on HDFC Bank Debit Card SMS <MYHDFC> to 5676712​​​​​​​

Brands Available under HDFC Debit Card EMI’s with No Cost EMI

Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Hp, Dell, Myntra, Macbook Pro, Ipad Pro, Acer, Relianace Digital Offers Hdfc Bank Debit Card Emi’s for all eligible customers from above online stores or merchant stores.

HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI’s Fees & Charges:

  • Auto Debit return penal interest: 2% plus GST @ 18% whenever applicable (subject to change as per Govt. instruction), subject to a minimum of Rs. 450 will be levied.
  • Late Payment Fee: Non-Payment or partial payment of EMI outstanding will attract a late payment penalty of Rs.300 plus GST @ 18% (subject to change as per Govt. instruction) irrespective of the EMI outstanding.
  • Pre-closure Charges: Pre-closure of the loan will currently attract a charge of 3% of the balance principal outstanding plus GST @ 18% (subject to change as per Govt. instruction).
  • Rate of Interest: Flat 16% ROI for Debit Card EMI on customer interest-bearing model.

HDFC Debit Card EMI’s and No Cost EMI – How does it works?

The interest cost is Reduced by passing the discount to the customer at the time of EMI conversion/ loan booking.

The Discount given reduces Price of the product on which then the EMI interest is charged; thus the cost of interest is reduced/nullified by the upfront discount, and Consumer pays only the product’s retail price at the end of the tenor.

Therefore, it is also sometimes promoted as ‘No Cost EMI’ by merchants/manufacturers.[ eg: Product Price: Rs. 35000, 6 months EMI – discount given: Rs.1386, Price on which interest is calculated: Rs 33614, Final cost to customer after EMI interest: Rs.35000 ]

Debit Card EMI’s Faqs

How to opt EMI option with an HDFC debit card?

Yes. You may avail the EMI option on your HDFC Bank Debit card for most of the consumer durable purchases made on sites like Amazon and Flipkart. However, this too depends on your eligibility. If you are eligible then, yes you may, else no.

IMP NOTE: You cannot avail the EMI option if your purchase amount is less than 10,000 INR.

Once you are eligible, you can head to the site from where you want to make the purchase. On the product page, you will get an option to convert the purchase to Debit Card EMI. Choose that option and your purchase will get converted to EMI. You can choose repayment tenure and accordingly you may be charged interest by the bank for the purchase. Normally you get repayment options of 3, 6, and 9 months. The longer the repayment tenure, the higher will be the interest rate.

How to Use HDFC Debit Card as a Credit?

Yes! You can use your debit card the same way you would use a credit card. When you are making a purchase via a debit card, the amount gets instantly deducted from your bank account. In the case of credit cards, it allows the cardholder to purchase goods and services on credit and pay it back over time on EMI’s. Like a credit card, the customer can use debit cards for EMI’s in Online Stores…

How to avail HDFC bank debit card EMI on Amazon & Flipkart and Online Stores?

  • Browse to Flipkart or Amazon website/app, whichever you intend on shopping from Online Stores.
  • Go to the product page that you wish to purchase.
  • Now, once you are on the product page, click on the option to explore EMI options.
  • When you reach the Payment page, select the EMI option already given there.
  • After selecting the EMI option, add your HDFC debit card and select the best EMI plan according to your needs.

What happens when I cancel the product for which I opted for EMI?

If customer product is eligible for cancellation or return, Customer can return it within 30 days of the purchase and your EMI will be cancelled by the Hdfc bank. Note>>>> Processing fees will not be reversed in case of full refund or preclosure

Before Opting for Emi, Check the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy of HDFC Debit Card EMI

HDFC Bank and merchants reserve the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, this EasyEMI Scheme by any other scheme, whether similar to this EMI Scheme or not or to withdraw it altogether, without prior notice

HDFC Customer Care/ Contact/ Helpline Number

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