SmartCoin- Instant Personal Loan: Interest Rates, Eligibility, Repayment, Foreclosure, Customer Care Number

SmartCoin- Instant Personal Loan: Interest Rates, Eligibility, Repayment, Foreclosure, Customer Care Number

SmartCoin is an online-based platform were lenders designed to provide instant personal loans with minimal documentation digitally.

SmartCoin is India’s instant online loan provider for individuals looking for Personal Loans. With over 4Mn+ installs across India, we at SmartCoin provide personal loans, loan credit, cash loans to profiles like Business Owners, Support Executives, Salaried Professionals, with a minimum monthly income of Rs 15000.

SmartCoin is India’s best and fastest instant credit platform with zero paperwork. It offers an instant credit line for the customers based on their digital footprints, advanced big data, and AI-driven systems.

SmartCoin Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria, Interest Rates, Processing Charges, and SmartCoin  personal loans, loan credit, cash loans Products

SmartCoin makes it easier for anyone to borrow instant cash and get loan. You can get kredit instantly with just a few documents and get cash transferred to your bank account. The process of getting Instant Personal Loans through our loan app takes a few minutes and money is transferred to your bank account within 1 business day. We believe getting an easy online loan should be a pleasant experience, just like online shopping, and not tiring. SmartCoin is like a friend you can borrow money from without any hesitation just open your Loan App and within a few minutes, you are done with application process.

SmartCoin Personal Loan and Instant Quick Cash Loan Features and Products:

SmartCoin offers various products to its customers in the name of Coins and Spend them on different rewards!

SmartCoin Rewards

  • Repay loan before the due date and Earn 1 Coin per Rs100 Paid
  • Share Smart Coin with your friends and Get Up to 1150 coins per friends or family.
  • Register for e-Mandate and earn 100 coins. Zero Registration Charges and 100%Secure

SmartCoin Loan Credit, Cash Loans & Personal Loans – Instant Credit Line:

In order to build (or even improve!) your credit score for a successful match, SmartCoin offers an instant credit line based personal loan with 12 months validity. Quick Cash Loans, as the name suggests, delivers the fastest approval experience. We offer 100% AI-driven digital KYC and lending capabilities to you within the comfort of your home, at work, or even while you are on the go.

The credit line is offered up to Rs.25,000. Once your credit line is approved, you can request to transfer the amount into your account in just 5 minutes! After successful repayment, the credit line is again activated for the next borrowing immediately. Who knew getting a credit line would be this easy!

Here are some of the key elements of the app:

  • Zero Paperwork and 100% Digital KYC Capabilities
  • Instant disbursal (In 5 minutes) to your bank account
  • Multiple repayment options via UPI/ Cards/ Paytm/ NACH.

Is SmartCoin available in my city?

SmartCoin is available across the majority of the states & cities all over India. Do not forget to turn on your mobile GPS as the app determines your location eligibility by checking your GPS location on a real-time basis at the time of application.

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How to Apply SmartCoin Personal Loan?

  1. Log in/register with the Smartcoin app with your contact number. You can also create an account with SmartCoin via Google, Facebook.
  2. Once you have successfully created your account with SmartCoin and registered with the app, you can apply for the instant credit line from the app itself. All you need to do is fill in your basic details and upload a digital photo of the document required.
  3. SmartCoin is a 100% digital platform, does not require any physical document to approve your application. Just enter your basic details along with your PAN Card number and upload a digital photo of your Aadhaar card. You can also verify your Aadhaar by using the e-Aadhaar verification module. The entire application process takes just a couple of minutes!
  4. To apply for a SmartCoin Credit Line, the minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years. Also, below is the income criteria for the same:
    1. For Salaried Applicant – Minimum monthly income should be Rs.12,000/-
    2. For Self Employed Applicant – Minimum monthly income should be Rs.15,000/-
  5. SmartCoin offers an instant credit line up to Rs.25,000/- depending on the eligibility of the applicant. The approval amount of every applicant may vary as the same is calculated digitally by considering the digital footprints of the applicant, application details, past credit behavior, etc. You can check your eligible amount using the app itself.
  6. As soon as you accept the offer, the money gets disbursed into your registered bank account within a few minutes. It’s that fast!
  7. The interest charged on your credit amount is approximately 18%. However, these details may vary from one applicant to another as the same is digitally calculated. You can find the detailed information of your credit line in the app itself when you apply for the same.
  8. The system digitally calculates your approval amount with the help of your profile details, past credit behavior, your credit history, etc.
  9. You can get a higher approval amount if you continue to make all your repayments on time and maintain a good credit history.

SmartCoin Personal Loan Foreclosure, Repayments

  1. The details of your repayment are mentioned on your app home page. Smart Coin also sends you repayment reminders via SMS & notifications to help you make your repayments on-time.
  2. There are multiple ways by which you can make the repayment. Below are some of the repayment options available on the SmartCoin app:
    • Net banking
    • Debit Card
    • UPI transfer
    • Bank transfer
    • Payment wallets NOTE: All repayments should be made to the company’s official account. Do not make the repayments to any private/individual account to avoid future discrepancies.
  3. Yes. You can make the repayment before the due date by simply visiting the SmartCoin app. You can click on the “PAY NOW” button on your app home screen to make the repayment.
  4. If you miss your repayment due date, late payment penalty charges are added against your total outstanding. You can read the “Terms & Conditions” to check a detailed bifurcation of the late payment charges. As per RBI requirements, your loan details are sent by us to the credit bureaus (e.g., CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, etc.) Defaults of your repayments will also reflect on your credit report, which may affect your credit score negatively. The majority of the banks and lending institutions check the credit report of the applicant before approving their loan applications. Defaulting on repayments will affect your future loan approvals, and late payment charges will be added against your total outstanding. Therefore, we recommend all customers to make the repayments on-time and maintain a good credit history.
  5. Can I foreclose my loan? Are there any extra charges for that? Yes. You can foreclose your loan anytime you like. You can visit the Smart Coin app and make the payment by choosing from multiple repayment options.

SmartCoin Privacy & Security:

The privacy of SmartCoin customer’s information is of the utmost importance to SmartCoin. Therefore, transactions made via SmartCoin are 100% secure via 256-bit SSL encryption

SmartCoin Customer Care Number

Customer Care Number: +91 9148380504

Before Applying Loan go through the Terms of service of SmartCoin Personal Loan

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